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  Saturday, March 1, 2003

No sooner did Alinghi cross the finish line to win the America's Cup than the Alinghi syndicate accepted a challenge for the next series from Golden Gate Yacht Club, making GGYC the Challenger of Record. GGYC is the club that Larry Ellison and the Oracle BMW team represented in the challenger trials, spiting stately St. Franics YC. This doesn't mean no one else can challenge, just that GGYC and Ellison's team will work with the Alinghi folks to make the rules for the next series--probably three years from now, probably in the Med.

No announcement yet on the Oracle BMW site, and GGYC's server seems to be down, but this will be fun to watch.

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Alinghi wins race 5 by 44 seconds to take the America's Cup away from New Zealand. Tezm New Zealand trailed the entire course, breaking and ditching a spinnaker pole on the second run--that's three races with breakage on the Kiwi boat.

And when do we get to watch this on television? Two hours from now, on ESPN2. Tape delayed. What a travesty.

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Speaking of DUX, registration is now open, with discounts for STC members.
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Lou Rosenfeld and Steve Krug roadshow.. They're each offering full day workshops in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Chicago. Krug's are the day after Rosenfeld's. Lou's tackling the ugly problem of creating unified IA across departments and business units in large organizations in Enterprise IA: Because Users Don't Care About Your Org Chart and Steve offers Don't Make Me Think: The Workshop [ia/ - information architecture news]

While I'd love to hear what both these fellows have to say, I won't be going to D.C., L.A., or Chicago, not with conference trips already planned for CHI and STC. But wait a minute, Lou Rosenfeld says on his Web site that he'll be at DUX2003! Cool.

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