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  Tuesday, March 25, 2003

A hidden cost in PDF documentation. The siren lure of "let's make a PDF from our book" is strong, but it is not without consequence. Simulating a printed page in an onscreen world results in big files, which can cost money. Just ask the authors of Real World GoLive 6. [Usable Help]

Cory Doctorow says that Fleishman pulled the download because of the potential cost, and suggests alternatives. I grabbed it when I first read the announcement. Honestly, I probably wouldn't buy the book because I'm only using a small subset of GoLive's functionality; but for free, hey, I'll download it and keep it for reference. Apparently the initial issue was that the book wasn't selling in the first place, so the authors decided to make it available--and it cost more than they anticipated.

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Dirty bomb? Grab your PDA!. Two companies have unveiled Terrorism Survival Plan software for PDAs and other portable devices that run either the Palm OS or Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 operating systems. [Computerworld News]

The software's being sold for small $s, but how come the Feds don't just give it away? Seems like the least they could do.

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Just too many good conferences and not enough time and money; maybe I'll do the IA Summit next year.

Wee Report on the IA Summit. Just back from the IA Summit in lovely Portland, Oregon. I think Christina Wodtke and the rest of the program committee really outdid themselves; these Summits just keep getting better and better. This year's edition offered a keynote by Stewart Brand, followed by two days of three concurrent session tracks, not to mention evenings of much boozy jollity. Spirits were definitely higher than the past two years. There were often two and sometimes three sessions per time slot that I... [Bloug]

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