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  Friday, March 21, 2003

Twice a year, the UCSC-Extension puts on some information seminars to introduce their various certificate programs to prospective students. Tomorrow (Saturday, March 22) I'll be part of the panel for the Technical Writing and Communication certificate program, talking about my experience as a student, what it's done for my career, and why I keep taking classes. Come on by the Extension center on Bubb Road (across Hwy 85 from DeAnza College) if you're in Cupertino around noon.

We'll also be talking about what's so great about STC, and why networking (in classes, at STC meetings) is so important. Speaking of which, I was interviewed this week by a business reporter with the San Jose Mercury-News about networking in Silicon Valley when there aren't jobs.

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Cisco to buy Linksys in $500M stock deal. Cisco Systems Inc. agreed to acquire Linksys Inc. a WLAN manufacturer focused on the home and SOHO markets in a $500 million deal which will broaden the Cisco WLAN products line. [Computerworld News]

All my hubs and routers are Linksys, and I've had absolutely no problem with them. Cisco could do a lot worse by way of getting into the home networking market. And Cisco even says they're going to leave Linksys alone. We'll see how long that lasts.

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Ted Turner may not leave the AOL/TW board after all; he's not through with those fools yet:

Turner Jabs AOL Time Warner. Though full of criticism and antics, Ted Turner is still not ready for his exit from AOL Time Warner. [New York Times: Technology]

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"Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under."  

H. L. Mencken. [Quotes of the Day]


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The Radio tools seem to be working again, after some more tweaking and fiddling. Now I want to determine what's causing the crashes that are finally mangling data. Up until now it's just been annoying; now it's making real trouble. These are not software crashes, near as I can tell--no BSOD, no hangs, just blank screen, then a reboot (sometimes not, just complete inactivity). Strikes me as hardware-related, like what might happen if the CPU overheats. But I added a fan, and the monitoring software says the temperature is acceptable. So now what?
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