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  Monday, March 31, 2003

Atwood: America is selling itself out. Margaret Atwood, Canadian literary star and author of "The Handmaid's Tale," wrote a stern open letter to the USA in yesterday's Globe and Mail. The war isn't what's got her upset, though: it's the Bush Administration's exploitation of the war to undermine the civil liberties that define America as the city on the hill, the democratic proving ground to which all other democracies can aspire.

Right on. Bush and company are selling our future down the river for the temporary enrichment of their cronies. The impact will be felt for years to come. And it makes me sick. Thanks to Cory and BoingBoing for the link.

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SCO warns of IBM lawsuit risks. The company says its billion-dollar lawsuit alleging that IBM misappropriated trade secrets will be costly and could have other consequences. [CNET]

I'm betting that the real story here is SCO wants IBM to buy what's left of the company instead of fighting the suit. But let me tell you, it's really embarassing to see what used to be a fine Santa Cruz employer behaving badly. I wish they'd drop the "SCO" (originally the Santa Cruz Operation), but then it was SCO that bought the rights to Unix in the first place--which must be why Caldera resuscitated the name a few months before filing the suit. Shame, shame.

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Pumatech gobbles up Motorola subsidiary. Device software maker Pumatech acquires Motorola subsidiary Starfish in a deal that "rounds out" the San Jose, Calif., company's list of customers and patents. [CNET]

I worked as a contractor at Starfish for a few months in 2000. Then all the work that I'd been hired to write about got cancelled by Motorola. Starfish laid off most of its staff last fall.

BTW, Starfish was the creation of Phillipe Kahn, ex of Borland. He's continued to create other small companies since then.

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Theories of Experience. Jodi Forlizzi is a pioneer for emotion, design, and experience. Her own experience framework and her distillation of other theories of experience should be read by all UX practitioners. Closing the loop between theory and practice can be a challenge - we can catch glimpses of implication for Folizzi's framework in her portfolio and she also teaches a studio class for Carnegie Mellon's interaction design program. (thanks brightly colored chad) [ia/ - information architecture news]

This looks like some good background material for me to read before DUX2003 (or maybe on the plane to CHI!).

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