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  Monday, March 17, 2003

"Falcon" released from federal custody.

Chris Boyce didn't like the nickname, but a book and movie made it stick. Some things we don't have any choice about. But Chris had and made choices, including a bad one: selling secrets to the Russkies.

I usually don't feel any connection to convicted spies, but Chris Boyce is different. We went to the same high school: he was a junior at Rolling Hills High School (now Peninsula High) when I was a senior. Some of my friends knew him. We grew up in the same community, with similar values and opportunities. His father, like mine, worked in the defense industry, specifically aerospace industry, that employed so many residents of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the Sixties and Seventies. And we shared a growing distrust of our government and disgust with its actions. But Chris expressed his misgivings by selling secrets, effectively destroying one spy satellite project. That option never crossed my mind.

So Chris spent 25 years in federal prison; I wonder what he'll do now.

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