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  Thursday, April 3, 2003

Houston Chronicle: "Blogs are weird." [Scripting News]

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Dilbert on marketing and Help. Walking the tightrope between marketing, help, and legal neutrality is a daily journey in some companies. [Usable Help]

I'm just having the greatest time translating marketing-speak into usable text for a certain curriculum development project. I'll read along thinking oh, yes, this makes sense, I'll tell the students that. . . hey, wait a minute, those words don't actually mean anything!!! Yes, it is a fine line some days.

And way back in the dark ages of my foray into technical communication, I had simultaneous offers from a technology company and from a public relations company. It was a tough choice--the PR folks made a good case--but I went with tech writing. There's just something more, well, honest about it.

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