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  Saturday, April 5, 2003

One more test run of the mail-to-blog function before I head off to CHI2003.
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5-April-2003 -- Metaphor and War, Again. Metaphor and War, Again -- "It is a common folk theory of progressives that "The facts will set you free!"... [WebWord]

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Blogs in business. Lots of articles are coming about touting business uses for weblogs: Blogs likely to gain place in business world, Blogs Begin Getting Down to Business, so it seems like a good time to remind folks about We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs' Chapter 8, Using Blogs in Business. Lots of stuff in here about how and why to use blogs in a business setting. And it's all yours for free! You don't even have to buy the book to get it. [megnut]

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History of Interaction Design. Marc Rettig is amazing. His history of interaction design (3.3mb pdf) is still something I'm unpacking (and will be for a couple more weeks). [ia/ - information architecture news]

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IA Summit Presentations. The PowerPoint presentations for the IA Summit are being collected on the conference site - look for the "PowerPoint Presentation" link by the name of the talk. [ia/ - information architecture news]

Can't go to every conference (dang!), but it's sure nice when folks post the handouts from their presentations. It's not the same as being there, but one can still learn from the slides.

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Lace up your Adidas - time for some UX Cross Training. What's UX Cross Training you say? It's simple: Often the best place to learn about user experience isn't at DUX or CHI or the IA Summit - it's through other disciplines (72kb gif). [ia/ - information architecture news]

Since I'm not really a user experience professional (well, we can discuss that later), I'll claim that a technical communicator/information developer (title of the week) attending CHI and DUX must be cross-training, eh? But my question is, do employers today support cross-training?

I'm seeing a certain move to cross-training in that I am now developing curriculum for the products I also document. But there's no push where I work to train information developers in HCI or UX issues. In fact, I sense resistance. So what's the problem.

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