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  Sunday, April 27, 2003

The longtime local bowling alley, Cabrillo Lanes, is about to close forever. Not the victim of lack of business, but rather landlord greed. Seems that the prospect of turning the property into a Toyota dealership (it's on Watsonville's "Auto Center Drive") was just too appealing. So this weekend the teenager and I bowled in the final tournaments at the lanes. He took home his first bowling trophy, for first Major (the oldest juniors). And at tonight's awards banquet for the Junior/Adult League I picked up an award for most-improved average for the season!

What next? Looks like we'll travel to Hollister for some league action there.

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Well, not like entirely and forever, but I did buy a 15 " PowerBook G4 1GHz on the way home Friday. There's an Apple Store in Valley Fair just off 880 at Stevens Creek, and since I had been stiffed by both Amazon and Fry's, I walked into the Apple Store and walked out with a beautiful new PowerBook. So no wonder I haven't done any blogging since Thursday.

More on the switching experience later. Right now, I'm running an experiment on sleep deprivation. 

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I'm posting this as a bookmark, just in case I have to massage the new laptop into better reception:

TiBook WiFi shiatsu. Turns out that you can seriously boost your Titanium Powerbook WiFi performance by massaging your battery compartment. Link Discuss (via A Whole Lotta Nothin) [Boing Boing Blog]

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