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  Friday, April 11, 2003

The Steve and Lou Show. Andy King of Web Reference talked with Steve Krug and me about our opinions on, among other things, UX. Read the interview and you'll see that (gasp!) we don't agree! (Note to self: avoid joint interviews with people who have much better jokes.)... [Bloug]

This sounds like an interesting interview. Oh, and Steve Krug was at CHI, too, Lou . . .

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I'm usually the one saying, "Oh, I wish I'd gone to that conference!" But here's Lou Rosenfeld bemoaning his absence:

CHI's Search Cornucopia. Wow, I wish I'd gone to CHI this year. Avi Rappoport, guru, pointed me to the papers from the Search Usability Workshop. So much good stuff, I don't know where to begin. I highly recommend that anyone interested in search have a look. Kudos to the workshop's organizers, Misha Vaughan, Marc Resnick, Helmut Degen, and Peter Gremett, for assembling such a great group of participants, and for making the papers publicly available.... [Bloug]

I met Misha Vaughan, who's also interested in game usability, which will likely be a special area at CHI2004.

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Back from CHI2003, the annual confab of the human-computer interaction community. It was an exhausting three+ days of plenaries, panels, demonstrations, talks, papers, receptions, and schmoozing with some of the luminaries of human factors, interaction design, cognitive psychology, research and practice. Between early-morning events and evening receptions, I probably only slept 5 hours each night, on top of ridiculously early flights both going and coming.

Next year's event, CHI2004, will be held in Vienna, Austria. Looks like I'll be there, since I was invited to join the conference committee as Webmaster. Yow.

I'll go over my notes and post some reflections on the conference here in a day or two.

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CHI2003. Met some folks at the networking reception last night, so it must have been worthwhile. But I think I got volunteered as Webmaster for CHI2004. Oh, my! We're in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It's warm. It's beautiful. The beach is just around the corner. The CHI people are enthusiastic. This is gonna be good. My internal clock is all off, but right now it's early morning and I'm usually awake anyway. More later.

D'oh! The above was written Tuesday morning at CHI, via email. Turns out that Radio has to be live on the home box for mail-to-blog to work. Now I get it.

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