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  Monday, April 28, 2003

In the evolution of job titles, I always seem to be a year and a title behind. There's plenty to be said in the turf wars over who does what and who has the big picture and should lead, and much of it gets said in Beth's comments field:

One title to rule them all, one title to bind them..... Well, over on Beth Mazur's IDblog Dirk Knemeyer suggests that information design should assume a director role over all the other disciplines in a project and that IA isn't a discipline, but a tactical practice. Hope he wore asbestos undies ;-)  [ia/ - information architecture news]

Me, I graduated from technical writing to technical communication to information development, all without a significant raise. Eventually I don't care what the title is, as long as the work gets done. And calling what I do something non-descriptive just seems pretentious.

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