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  Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Palm Plans To Acquire Handspring. The only thing that's really surprising about the fact that Palm is buying Handspring is the fact that this is even necessary at all.  [Techdirt]

What if Palm had let Hawkins and Dubinsky do what they wanted in the first place? The two companies would never have split and become competitors, and how much money and how many jobs might have been saved?

Personally, I have never found a need for anything more powerful in a PDA than my Handspring Visor at 8 Mb memory, B&W screen, and no expansion modules. I use the calendar and address book, a few to-dos and memos. I never read a book on it, and even my Avant-Go usage has gone by the wayside. I'm just not away from a computer for that long, and now I have the PowerBook, on which I can do real work. I just can't see the need for the Windows CE handhelds, with their color screens and abysmal battery life. And once upon a time the idea of combining the PDA and cell phone appealed to me, but I've managed to live without it.

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