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  Saturday, June 21, 2003

Good Experience: The Most Important User Experience Method. If you really want to become a better user experience practitioner, learn how to work with and change the organization. This is in contrast to most UX books and events, which are endless discussions of *methods*... []

Good points in this brief article: all the user experience research and recommendations in the world are useless if the organization isn't ready to adopt them. Or put another way, the organization has to want to change. Effecting that desire to change is a skill I have not yet mastered (in others anyway-- I've made plenty of changes myself!).

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Oracle's Campaign to Take Over PeopleSoft Heats Up. The Oracle Corporation increased its hostile bid by more than $1 billion and added to the legal tit-for-tat over the proposed take over. By Laurie Flynn and Andrew Ross Sorkin. [New York Times: Technology]

Special coverage: Oracle vs. PeopleSoft. Oracle's increased bid for its rival in the business software market gets voted down by PeopleSoft's board, as the takeover battle heads into the hot days of summer. [CNET]

PeopleSoft Board Votes to Reject $6.3 Billion Bid by Oracle. The board contended that the merger would become bogged down in an antitrust quagmire that would, in the meantime, damage PeopleSoft's business. By Laurie J. Flynn. [New York Times: Technology]

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Yes, we're still alive and kicking here; yes, it's been that long since we've blogged. Yes, we've been busy, very busy.

The biggest time sinks the last ten days have been:

  • Polishing off the release notes -- 166 page release notes! -- for the latest release.
  • Attending four days of training.
  • Devoting every spare and not-so-spare moment to the CHI2004 web site.

And yes, CHI2004 is live! We went live just before midnight last night, meeting our self-imposed Friday deadline. Well, it was still Friday in Hawaii when I finished uploading to the site. Enjoy.

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