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  Wednesday, July 16, 2003

DUX 2003 Case Studies. The DUX 2003 case studies are online - these are the same PDFs that were offered for human consumption on the conference CD.

I'm on a deadline right now so won't link to individual papers, but favorites include the Constraints panel (but I'm biased, since the authors are all excellent people), the Intel pervasive computing stuff (Connexus & Vineyard papers), the Business Issues panel, the blender redesign from Continuum (again, more excellent people), and a lot of the Informing DUX panel - particularly the MS personas, Bob Baxley's UI model, and a different take on card sorting in the Vacations vs. Groceries paper.

[ thanks InfoDesign ] [ia/ - information architecture news]

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Teleworking Will Be The Future?. A new study sponsored by AT&T (so, there's a bias there) is predicting that 80% of companies will have "teleworkers" in the next two years.  [Techdirt]

I'm more interested in the change in terminology from "telecommuter" to "teleworker." Wonder what that portends?

Meanwhile, I've been telecommuting now for two years, with regular (not quite weekly) trips to the main office for a little face-time and loading software. The upside? I work best in the morning, so my productive time isn't spent on the road. Less stress Flexibility. No 2-hour commute. The downside? Not enough face time. The need to maintain close contact with managers by phone and email, so you're not forgotten. And missing those meetings in the hall where so much business gets transacted and information passed informally. I don't know how many decisions I've heard about way later that everyone just knew because the rumor mill distributed the information. You have to keep close to information sources.

But otherwise, hey, DSL, cell phones, laptops--teleworking works just fine, thanks.

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