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  Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Marriott agrees non-free WiFi is too expensive. Tobias sez, "Marriot is going to start giving away free wireless to get people interested, as you suggested earlier it makes more sense than forcing stupid pay schemes and scratch off cards that drive everyone nuts."  Link Discuss (Thanks, Tobias!) [Boing Boing Blog]

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The downside of taking a few days of vacation is I'm going to miss two events that would be nice to attend: an Electronic Freedom Founcation festival, and Cory Doctorow speaking at BayCHI (I also missed his talk at the Silicon Valley WebGuild a coupla months back). So maybe I need to schedule him at Silicon Valley STC?

EFF Freedom Fest, San Francisco, August 9. EFF's first annual Freedom Fest is coming up on Saturday, August 9th, from noon to 5PM in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. This is a giant, free, outdoor concert with loads of interesting speakers and all the gratis fun you can eat. Link Discuss [Boing Boing Blog]

Speaking at BayCHI, Palo Alto, August 12th. I'm [Cory] giving a talk on civil liberties and the Web at BayCHI on August 12th, at PARC in Palo Alto. Hope to see you there!

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My Mac: A Slow-Motion Train Wreck. I'm getting closer to a total software reinstallation on my five-month-old Mac Powerbook, which annoys me no end. One application... [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]

I know two other people with PowerBooks--one a brand-newish 12"--having major problems. As Dan says, we expect this of Windows, not Mac. What's the deal?

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K-logs, cornflakes. . . OK, dumb joke. But here's something else I want to read up on in my copious spare time: K-logs, which are knowledge weblogs. It's nice to see someone doing ROI in public.

ROI calculations: K-Logs vs. traditional Intranet Portals. John Robb summarizes an ROI document produced by PlumTree Software estimating the value of portal software and compares with his estimation of the value of K-Log software. He puts the total ROI of a K-Log system at 1,170% compared to the total ROI of a traditional Portal system at 240%. [ia/ - information architecture news]

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