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  Friday, July 25, 2003

Analysts mixed about SCO actions. Industry analysts vary in their advice about how Linux users should handle SCO Group's position that they must buy a Unix license or face the possibility of legal action. [CNET]

Linux wars: Big Blue strikes back. IBM argues that SCO's demands for Unix license revenue are undermined by its earlier shipment of an open-source Linux product. [CNET]

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Linkage so I can loop back and read this when I have more time--sounds like it might mesh with my vision for Silicon Valley STC this year:

International Institute of Information Design. From Beth Mazur

The International Institute for Information Design, and a variety of interested stakeholders in the ID community are coming together to increase the relevance and awareness of Information Design through a variety of yet-to-be-finalized tactics.

This survey is intended for people interested in volunteering their time or resources to the Information Design community, or who want to suggest other people or organizations that might participate.

[ia/ - information architecture news]

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