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  Monday, October 6, 2003

Zen and UX. Peter blogged this interesting piece by Adam Greenfield on compassion and the crafting of user experience. As a card-carrying UU and dabbler in Buddhism (or at least the Western version), I appreciated the essence of Adam's piece. For example: How I, at least, ensure that my work meets my criteria... [IDblog]

Yes, well, but, I think what Adam's talking about is really empathy more than compassion. Empathy is putting yourself in the users body and experience, as Adam describes. Compassion, the Buddhist thing, is being present for someone in all their range of experiences: pain, joy, anger, fear, loss, wonder, pleasure, life. Not experiencing the same thing as the other, but being there for them. And, yes, I'm a former UU dabbler from a UU family, currently a card-carrying lay Zen practitioner who in spite of best intentions still doesn't meditate every day. Sigh.

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