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  Monday, October 13, 2003

Silicon Valley and San Francisco STC co-sponsored the opening reception for the SIGDOC conference last Sunday night in San Francisco. The hospitality was well-received, and we had some wonderful conversations with SIGDOC leaders and members, talking about the differences and commonalities between the two organizations. Seems SIGDOC folks consider their group to be more for senior technical communicators, more on the bleeding edge of research and academia. And they may be right. My experience of the STC conference this year was that many of the sessions are given year after year, providing a good grounding in the profession for junior members, but really nothing new and exciting for the senior members. Very interesting. I'm a member of both, just because it seems like the right thing to do.

Besides STC members, I had invited two friends from SIGCHI and DUX to liven the discussion with talk up cooperative ventures between our groups. And my goal was largely achieved, if the level of excitement and exchange of cards is any clue. Look for some synergy between STC, SIGDOC, SIGCHI,  and DUX, and perhaps a co-sponsored reception at CHI2004 in Vienna next April.

Now, if I could just make a living from generating these relationships. . .

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The return of Time Warner. The company formerly known as AOL Time Warner will revert to its old moniker this week, dropping the "AOL." [CNET - Front Door]

Now, if they would just spin off AOL before it continues its drag on TW profitability, they can let it sink out of sight.

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