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  Monday, October 20, 2003

"I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out." 

Steven Wright.  [Quotes of the Day]

I know the feeling, sitting here blogging with 3-year-old specs while waiting the arrival of the latest prescription tri-focals. The optician didn't want to believe me when I said the left lens' distance vision was off. But it was--something about the astigmatism axis being off by 15 degrees. Leave it to me to be just a little bit off.

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Through the Lens, the Severe Beauty of Nuclear Test Blasts. In "100 Suns," a photographer compiles the images of nuclear blasts that haunted and compelled a generation. [New York Times: Science]

I'm putting this one on my wish list; maybe someone can buy it for me for Solstice. I have a large, but by no means exhaustive, library of books on the history and development of nuclear weapons, and this one belongs there. The review tells the story, although the reviews in Amazon are even more intriguing.

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