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  Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Re-reading the last sentence of the previous post, I realized it might read like a swing at immigrants, like, oh, the next Governor of California. Not the intent at all. I was just musing on the fact that California's finely-tuned weirdness looks somewhat less weird to those of us who were born here.

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No, I won't tell you who I voted for.

Here in Santa Cruz county (I don't know about other counties) you can register as a "permanent absentee voter," so you don't even have to ask for the absentee ballot, they just send it. So I mailed my ballot before Arianna Huffington dropped out, and sat back to enjoy the show. Just now I'm watching the talking heads on MSNBC talking about what makes California so special. Sometimes it just seems special to be a native Californian, not an immigrant.

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PeopleSoft Again Raises Its 3rd-Quarter Forecast. PeopleSoft once again raised its earnings forecast for the third quarter, indicating to some analysts that a hostile takeover of the company by Oracle looks ever more difficult. By Laurie J. Flynn. [New York Times: Business]

My options are still under water, but hey, Larry, kiss my apps!

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