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  Tuesday, September 28, 2004

If you're interested in irises (not the part of your eye, but the pretty flowers), and live anywhere in northern California, the Monterey Bay Iris Society has just launched its Web site: MBIS is sponsoring the Region 14 conference next year (April 30 to May 1, 2005), and my yard is on the tour of "show" gardens, which will include many brand new varieties.

BTW, if you have comments about the site, please don't send them to me. I'm not responsible. I didn't do it.

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Happy Birthday to:

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Web has epicenters aplenty on Calif. quake. The Net has a tectonic plateful of sites brimming with information on Tuesday's 6.0-magnitude earthquake, and more. [CNET]

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InfoDesign picked up the BayDUX announcement, so I should share it here:

BayDUX. "The emerging field of user experience (UX) design is inherently interdisciplinary and synthesizes the methods, techniques, and wisdom of many design disciplines. UXnet (User Experience Network) is a new organization whose mission is fostering cooperation and collaboration among the many organizations that serve the international user experience design community. BayDUX is a coalition of San Francisco Bay Area professional organizations that grew out of our joint participation in the DUX2003 (Designing for User Experiences) conference. Since UXnet and BayDUX share a common purpose, BayDUX is now the local presence for UXnet in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our co-chairs also serve as UXnet Local Ambassadors." (About BayDUX) [InfoDesign: Understanding by Design]

BayDUX co-chairs and UXnet Local Ambassadors for the Bay Area are Pabini Gabriel-Petit (IxDG), Mike Van Riper (BayCHI), and me, representing STC.

The BayDUX web page is currently hosted at BayCHI, until we decide if we need a full-on hosted site. Meanwhile, our first event is the upcoming BayCHI meeting on October 12, which will include a panel of representatives from various organizations involved in UX, including STC President Andrea Ames.

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A 5.9 earthquake near Parkfield, followed by some significant aftershocks. I was on the phone to Pleasanton, they felt it too. Long, rolling shaker, lasted maybe 30 seconds. Map here:

A bit later: take a look at this lineup of quakes and aftershocks all neatly falling right along the San Andreas fault through Parkfield.

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