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  Friday, October 1, 2004

Lou makes note of our upcoming BayDUX event:

Local UX Activities. . .  More local UX coolness: in the Bay Area, Rashmi Sinha and Richard Anderson (of UXnet) have put together a highly germane UX discussion: "User Experience: Why Do So Many Organizations Believe They Own It?". Takes place 7:45pm, October 12; networking starts at 6pm. The impressive collection of panelists represents AIfIA, AIGA-ED, BACHFES, BayCHI, SF IDSA, IxDG, ACM SIGGRAPH, STC, and UPA; Stanford's d.School is the sponsor. So many acronyms, and so many good local activities... [Bloug]

Be there or be uncool.

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PeopleSoft Fires CEO Craig Conway (AP). AP - In a surprise move, business software maker PeopleSoft Inc. fired CEO Craig Conway Friday, divorcing itself from the feisty leader who engineered the company's dogged resistance to a $7.7 billion takeover bid by rival Oracle Corp. [Yahoo! News - Technology]

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