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  Monday, October 4, 2004

Nice profile on Eric Meyer and CSS from Apple:

Turning the Tables Using CSS. Have you noticed web pages loading a bit faster than usual? You might thank Eric Meyer, an expert and author on the subject of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) ó a standards-based method of coding websites to make them work more efficiently with todayís Internet browsers. [Oct 04] [Apple Hot News]

I recently attended two STC webinars on CSS, put on by Char James-Tanny. There were a lot of tricks to learn, and it was very clear that the only way to understand CSS is by doing it.

Oh, and Eric notes Apple's attention, and contemplates the burdens of fame.

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SS1 gets special recognition from Google:A picture named xprize.gif
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SpaceShipOne Gets The X-Prize. Congratulations to the SpaceShipOne crew for winning the $10 million X-Prize, after completing a second successful flight into space this morning. The rocket plane apparently made it well above the necessary 328,000 foot level to claim the prize. Consider the privately funded space program doors officially open.[Techdirt]

I caught the end of the flight and landing on CNN earlier this morning, and a replay of the launch. Pretty cool stuff, including Burt Rutan's brother, Dick, admitting on camera that, at one time or another, everyone involved had doubts about their chances for success. Demonstrating again that it's visionary individuals who drive progress.

The event inspires Mike to song.

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