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  Friday, October 22, 2004

From BBC radio, a piece on the evils of Powerpoint, "Microsoft PowerPoint and the Decline of Civilisation," including comments from Edward Tufte and a faux-PPT version of Churchill's "we shall never surrender" speech. Added bonus: the Gettysburg Address reduced to PowerPoint.
Update: this piece has disappeared into the Beeb's archives, not to be found again. Looks like everyone else who linked to it is in the same boat. So sorry. . .

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Richard Anderson has started a blog, which includes commentary on his interview with Don Norman at last week's BayDUX event, and a smidgen of news about DUX2005: it will be in San Francisco, and it will be later in the year than June.  And that's about it for now.

Richard, please add an RSS feed to your blog!

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Frank Barnako has problems with iPodder:

Commentary: Pooh on iPodder. OK, I'm more geeky than the guy in the next cubicle. I am Mr. Early Adopter. There are times I could have had my paycheck direct-deposited to Best Buy. [CBS - Internet Industry News]

Sounds like he claims to be even geekier than me, and sheesh, I figured it out pretty readily. Thing is, it just works. If I'd had to make the programmatic connections from RSS to iPodder to iTunes to iPod, I wouldn't have even started.

But Frank's right about one thing: as with most first-release software, there's precious little documentation. I started off with the piece in Engadget a couple weeks back. But when it comes to the software itself, someone should write some introductory documentation -- oops, maybe that means I should do it. Oh, crud.

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