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  Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Jimbob had some extraordinarily kind and generous things to say about me in today's podcast from WWR. I  would just like to assure him that I still have all ten toes, and to say that I can't imagine the value in spending all day going over this blog. Really.
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Doc takes issue with the question of who owns user experience:

From LukeW at Functioning Form: Who Owns User Experience?

At this Tuesday[pi]s BayCHI event, Don Norman discussed User Experience and why so many organizations believe they own it. His perspective touched on many important points. . .

Dunno about you, but I hate the idea of anybody "owning" my experience. [The Doc Searls Weblog]
He's quite right, of course: only you own your experience. The question, and its phrasing, harks back to what I heard were heated discussions over naming the DUX2003 conference. That is, is DUX "designing the user experience," or is it "designing user experiences," or is it "designing for user experiences"? The conclusion, at that time, favored the latter interpretation, which became the conference's official full name. So now when we ask "who owns user experience?" the real meaning of the question is "who is responsible for, or accountable for, the experience that the user has with our product or service?" Whose responsibility is it that the user have a positive experience? And the answer we heard at last week's event was that everyone in the company "owns" it, from CEO to floor-sweeper. Still, in the end, it's your experience, not ours; all we can do is influence it.

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