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  Monday, October 11, 2004

Notable passing:

'Superman' Christopher Reeve Dies at 52 (AP). AP - "Superman" actor Christopher Reeve, who turned personal tragedy into a public crusade and from his wheelchair became the nation's most recognizable spokesman for spinal cord research, has died. He was 52. [Yahoo! News: Top Stories]

Dave and Dan echo my thinking about Chris Reeve's life and death:

God needs a better script doctor. . .  his public optimism was a welcome rebuke to our normal values. And, because of his accidental identification with Superman and his determination to walk again, he was in a story arc that was supposed to have ended better. . . [Joho the Blog]

Christopher Reeve, RIP. . . the news today of Reeve's death (BBC) makes me think that he did something that greatly elevated his place in history. He will be remembered not as a relatively minor actor who had a couple of hit movies, but rather as a man who used the cruelty of his own situation to help and inspire others. A genuine Superman emerged from his personal tragedy. Rest in peace. [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]

As father to a (since deceased) disabled child, I know about coming to accept the way things are instead of complaining about the way they should be. It's a Zen thing: acceptance and non-attachment. What I never could get to was being optimistic about the future. No one's ever accused me of being an optimist--it's just not in me. But Reeves somehow managed at least an outward optimism that made him a beacon of hope for those in similar situations. I'm impressed.

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