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  Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The DSL came back this morning. No one can tell me why; SBC called to ask the status, but couldn't tell me why it had been down, even though the problem was clearly at their end.

Now I'm sorting through various consequences, related or not, of being mostly offline for three days. For instance, apparently Radio Userland deletes any newsfeeds that don't return anything after 48 attempts. Which happens when you're not online for days. So my entire list of RSS feeds in the Radio news aggregator were gone. Electron dust. And the last backup available was for August. Yuck. After rebuilding the list of feeds, I wound up with a whopping 737 items to dig through, some dating back to near the beginning of time. Note to self: when offline, turn off Radio!

Also, somehow, after backing up to CD, my Palm desktop address book, calendar, memos, and to-do list were all history. Fortunately, I managed to restore from my Handspring Visor (after synching with the files on the PowerBook just for safe measure).

Also noted: while offline, the services.exe process was chewing up 100% of CPU cycles most of the time; it's not hogging anything like that much now, which tells me it was unhappy being unable to reach the 'net to run updaters. No, it was not from adware/spyware. I'm clean.

Meanwhile, up in Talkeetna, Jimbob rejiggered his podcast feeds, which iPodder interpreted as being all new podcasts, and madly tried to download files I already had. Gag. I know he's trying to do something clever and important, but the tools aren't evolving as fast as Jimbob's demands on them.

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