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Friday, July 5, 2002

"The Boat": In response to popular request I've posted a picture.
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Didn't log last night;. it as Bab's BDay, and we hit the town!

We did 30 miles from Beaulieu to Poole yesterday. The Beaulieu river is quite something - very calm and quiet, and more different kinds of birds than I've seen so far. The historic center of Poole. of what we have seen of it, is nice - but one has quickly walked round. Some of the pubs are quite beautiful, the high street is clean and nice - with more chip shops than I could count.

Today we sailed 6 miles to a nearby anchoring, out of Poole harbour bay. We left Poole under menacing clouds...

The bay is called Studland, and is remarkable for it's white cliffs and gorgeous sheep and cow laden pastures.

Tomorrow, setting sail early to get to Weymouth, some 30 miles away. Not a huge sail, but we need to get going early - to get the tidal currents in the good direction.
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