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Monday, July 8, 2002

Had a nice early dinner a the pub. B had Fish & Chips, I had Sausages, Beans and Chips. Good rainy day food! Finally a few moments to update The Reading List - thank you to the many contributors!
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Departed from Exmouth at 12 AM. Arrived in Torquay, the "English Riviera", at 5 PM. Distance: 15 NM. Conditions: 8-15 knots of headwind. Constant rain.

Babs is logging today:

"After sleeping soundly a full 10 hours, we had a leasurely breakfast of potato pancakes & scrambled eggs. We set sail at 12 noon, made good speed. tacked 7 times. Had another boat for company - a little race to keep our competitive spirit and beat them. Rained the whole way - fingers completely shriveled"
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Today we should be sailing to Torquay, only about 12 miles away. The weather forecast is announcing pretty strong winds, up to F6, and some rain, so we just want to see a new place, get on a pontoon with AC and some showers, and take it easy after yesterday's sail. Here is a picture taking from inside about 10 minutes ago... you can't really tell, but it's raining.

Leaving in 20 minutes for Torquay, another "English Riviera" town...
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Didn't log last night; was too exhausted. Here is the entry for yesterday.

Departure from Weymouth at 8 AM. Arrival in the river Exe at 6:55 PM. Distance: 52 NM. Conditions: W-SW wind, steady force 5, occiasionally force 6 (23 knots of wind). Sea moderate to rough at times.

Got up at 7, left at 8. Here is a picture of Weymouth as we were leaving... no sun I'm afraid.

Passing the Portand Bill, hit some rough seas - the "Portland Race". Current was 2-3 knots in our direction, and we cleared the breaking waves in about 1 hour, but it left us both a little funny in the stumach... Of course smack in the middle of the really rough stuff we realized that I had left the front window open a little, and all our clean laundry was soaked...

Once past Portland Bill we tuned the sails, set a course close to the wind, as close as possible, and ploughed ahead. Only tacked once in the following 7 hours. Sea too rough to do anything inside, or read outside, so really 7 hours of occasional conversation, and mostly looking at waves come in. B tried the "deck nap" and it worked wonders - I'm also surprised at how easy it is to sleep 20 minutes on a pitching and heaving boat. I do it when I'm feeling I might get sick, and it works practically every time

Arrived exhausted in the River Exe. Went up river to find some moorings, but found none, so came back down close to the entrance and moored to one of the visitor buoys; turned out to be a perfectly calm place to spend the night. Started raining 1/2 hour after we arrived. Grateful it only rained then.

After a day like that - any dinner would of been bliss, but this one really hit the spot: pasta with fresh baby tomatoes, raw crushed garlic, olive oil. Finished yersterday's cucumber salad.

Asleep by 10.
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