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Friday, July 19, 2002

Friday 19th. No sailing today. Dropped B at the station, to get her on a plane back to the US. I will be joining her in a couple of days; just need to organize keeping the boat here for a week. Don't expect to update the site until I come back. My thoughts are with Barbara and her family in these most difficult times.
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Thursday 18th. Departure from Padstow at 7:30 AM. Approached Lundy at 7:00 PM. Arrived in Swansea at 3:30 AM. Distance: 35 NM to Lundy, 85 NM to Swansea. Head winds 10 knots to Lundy. Winds dropped around midnight to 2-3 knots. Motered much of the way.

Today's entry will be brief. At 7.00 PM we were contacted by the coast guards on the VHF, and they asked us to call home. There has been a tragedy in Barbara's family, so we immediately set sail for Swansea to be close to a train station. Arrived at 4 AM.

I'm don't really feel like posting too much about today. We did have some wonderful moments before the tragic news, in the company of some beautiful dolphins. Perhaps they knew we would need cheering up.

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Wednesday 17th. No sailing. Stayed in Padstow.

Padstow is a wonderful little town off the north coast of Cornwall - the little harbour is wonderful for visiting yachts; we literally have the best spot in town, smack in the middle. Here is picture taken early evening. You can't really see it on the picture, but a visiting brass band is playing on the quay.

Although Padstow was mentioned in my guides, I've found out that Padstow is quite the place to be; apparently one of the main reasons for the town's booming success is Rick Stein, a restaurateur specializing in sea food. We had dinner at one of this 3 restaurants in town, St Petrocs, and have to say is was absolutely fab. B had a "Cod on spring onion mash with a soy butter sauce", and I had the "Fillet of sea bass with roasted fennel and tomatoes". It's making my mouth water again just typing this!

Finished the evening with a pint at the London Inn. Here is the inn taken during the day time

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