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Saturday, July 6, 2002

Departure from Studland anchorage at 8 AM. Arrival at Weymouth at 2:00 PM. Distance: 26 NM. Conditions: perfect N-NW wind, F2-3, turning W-NW F2, then increasing to F4 in Portland bay.

Today's sail was perfect: good weather, good wind, strong currents going the right way, a good book, a couple of mackerels - just perfect. We've arrived in Weymouth, a great little harbour town - by some accounts "the sunniest place in England". Dozens of yachts everywhere, and for the first time this trip, we are moored 3 wide (There was a boat on the pontoon when we arrived, so we moored alongside her. Another boat then came and moored to us) Apparently in a couple of weeks it's not unusual to see boats moored 8 wide... it's a recurring theme at this point; the human tide is coming for its summer, and I'm hoping to be at least in Wales by then. Surfing the human wave north!

B and I walked around Weymouth today, and landed on a terrific health-food store. Bought some curry powder, which I'm very happy with - I'd sort of decided to cut down on the spices, for the sake of not replicating our already full spice rack at home, but a little variety will go a long way! Read in my book today that candied ginger was good for sea-sickness, so we filled up on ginger as well. Asked the owner if she knew of any good places to have a healthy lunch; we both have a passion for fish and chips - and Weymouth seems to be quite the place for one - but at this point we were aching for a little greaseless food. She pointed us to Cafe 21, a purple and orange house (!), in which we were served falafel, nut roast, couscous and potatoes in what looked to be someones living room - clothes were drying in the little back yard. The place was exactly what we wanted, and the chef/owner came out for a nice chat. Highly recommended!

Finished "Passage to Juneau" today - a great read, and right on for this trip. Dov, thanks much for the recommendation.

Tonight's dinner: fresh mackerel "a la Tom", curried olive oil mashed potatoes "a la Tom & Babs" and a cucumber yogurt salad "a la Babs"!

Tomorrow should also be an early start, and should see us get to the river Exe, Torquay, or Dartmouth.
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