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Thursday, July 11, 2002

Evening update: at about 9:50 PM, the boat started rolling like we were in high seas. A most uncomfortable night was preparing until we decided, using the last rays of the sun, to drop our mooring and go and find a new one. Slight tense moments as we tried to get going as quickly as possible so we don't get caught in the dark. Found a good mooring amongst the local buoys; just hoping the owner isn't going to sail in at 2 AM...
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Departure from Salcombe at 11 AM. Arrival in Fowey at 6:50 PM. Distance: 25 NM. Conditions: SW wind, very constant, 13-16 knots, sunny all day; clouds were on shore! Slightly chilly temperature.

Picture taken leaving Salcombe

Today's sail was smooth; some waves, some wind, only sun, and one long long beat. For those not in the know, a beat is a course on which the boat is going up the wind; the boat heels over a bunch, doesn't go it's fastest, and literally the bow beats down on the water, as it rises and falls in the incoming waves.

We ate some nuts, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, and just watched the Cornish coast roll by. I'm realizing that many of the pictures I've taken of the coast all look somewhat the same - many of the incredible tints of green, gray, blue get lost... I guess one really has to see it, but I'm still snapping away!

We arrived in Fowey in a beautiful early evening light. A little up the river from us big boats come and load up with china clay - this one left as we were preparing dinner.

Tomorrow, early start to go hiking, then off to Falmouth after lunch. Should be about 3-4 hours of sailing.
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