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Saturday, July 13, 2002

Today, no sailing. Rented a car, and spent the day visiting two flower gardens: Trewithen, and Trelissick. Both absolutely stunning; these english sure know how to arrange plants!

Didn't take many pictures... but here is one of Trewithen House

My good friend Tim, who works in Plymouth (not too far), has joined us this afternoon, and will be sailing with us tomorrow. I tend to forget which day of the week it is - but Tim's visit reminds me that it's a week-end! Had some delicious indian food tonight.

Tomorrow morning, after a spot of shopping, we should be setting sail for Penzance, our last stop before going around Land's end!!!
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Departure from Fowey at 4:30 PM. Arrival in Falmouth at 9:45 PM. Distance: 20 NM. Conditions: very weak SW wind, replaced by 15 knots of NW wind.

We decided our legs needed some stretching, so went hiking after a mellow morning.

The weather being relatively nice in the afternoon, we decided it would be good to attempt to go to Falmouth late in the day. Left at 4:30! At the time I predicted arriving at 10 PM, since the wind was weak, and we would have to motor the entire way. After about an hour of motoring, with the wind coming from exactely the direction we were going for, we decided it was a bit silly, and started heading for Mevagissey, a little harbour not too far from us at the time... But again the winds had other plans (and for once, good ones!). After the wind dying completely for about 5 minutes, a solid NW breeze picked up in about 10 minutes. We pounced on it, hoisted all the sails, and made for Falmouth at a fast clip. 6 knots, close reaching, all the way. Beautiful sun, cold air, gorgeous coast, We were in Falmouth, without any engine, in 3.5 hours. One of the best stretches of sailing yet. Anchored in the harbour (to save on pontoon costs), had a terrific dinner of Emma's salad, carrot soup, french "boxed" wine, and some cheese.
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