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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

RIP Dero Saunders

A good journalist, a good friend, and a good man. A scholar and a fierce tennis player. I was one of the writers he took to lunch at the Players Club.

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Happy Anniversary

Lisa and I got married thirteen years ago today. We have a good marriage, at which we work. It's our very own alternative lifestyle. We laugh a lot. We share values and goals. And we are bonded by the ceaseless Oedipal struggle with our offspring, and also by our love for them. 

Unhappy Anniversary

I remember watching the events from Tiananmen Square on TV that morning. This guy was the coolest:

A picture named rebel.jpg









Important Anniversary

The Battle of Midway began on June 4, 1942. This was the turning point of the war in the Pacific, and, says James Schlesinger in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), "Without Midway, the Allies could not have executed the overall strategy for victory in WWII."

The US was not winning the war before Midway, and the mood of the country was grim. The destruction of four Japanese aircraft carriers and scores of trained pilots blunted their offensive capabilities and enabled the US to begin its own counteroffensive--and to carry out its plan to defeat Hitler before finishing with Japan.

Maybe we will remember the campaign in Afghanistan as the Midway of our current war--not the final victory, but one that changed the momentum from their side to ours. Let's hope so.

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