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Saturday, June 15, 2002

Home Again

Sherman followed his famous march to the sea in Georgia with a vengeful campaign through South Carolina. We were less emphatic as we came north today. The long drive home from Kiawah was punctuated by signs for that bastion of tackiness called South of the Border. Deposited Elijah at Carolina Basketball School; Sydney noted that the last 50 minutes of the drive to Greensboro were thus unusually quiet.

A pleasant consequence of spending a birthday week away was getting a little delayed birthday love in the form of calls and letters from Dana, Charles and Janie, Tim and Ned, Caren, Chuck and Judy, and of course, Grandmom.

No rain to speak of while we were gone; the terrible drought that the News & Record memorably described as extending from Maine to the "Gulf Coast of Georgia" continues. (That blooper appeared on the front page; I emailed the editor and said that if either the Gulf of Mexico or Georgia had moved, it probably deserved it's own story. He did not reply.)

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