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Sunday, June 23, 2002

A Eulogy for Leah Tannenbaum

I was asked to speak about Leah's role as a community leader at her funeral this afternoon. Here is what I said. There was an overflow crowd of mourners. She will be missed.

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Dave is writing about his apparent heart attack in a really interesting way. He hasn't gone through the details of his illness or hospitalization, he just picked up the story in real time after coming home from the hospital. As a narrative technique, this makes for good reading. You have to think and read between the lines. Maybe he'll want to describe the details of the event and the treatment, but the way he's eased into the story is fascinating.

So far, the big news is Dave's need to quit smoking, and his recognition that quitting is a bitch. If his near-compulsive blogging is an indication, things can take a strong hold of Dave. Mabye blogging will help him replace smoking. Or maybe he'll find a new interest--I remember Jerry Garcia saying that scuba diving had filled the place in his life that drugs once occupied. Not to be negative, but we all know how it turned out for Jerry. This is something you may have to work at forever.

Good luck, Dave.

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I like to link to my weekly newspaper column on this page each Sunday, but the News & Record hasn't put it on line yet. I find this very frustrating.

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