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Monday, June 17, 2002

Raymond Wrong

My weblog is not a forum for debunking Eric Raymond, but since I put up a permalink to his site I feel compelled to discuss some of his more outrageous stuff. Yesterday he cracked off a classic Raymond screed, this time about the homosexual pederasts in the Catholic church. As usual he makes some strong points and some stupid points.

The most dangerous thing he does is to conflate homosexuality with pedophilia. "Pederasty, at least, remains a common behavior among modern homosexuals," he writes. He accomplishes this sleight of hand by equating some fraction of the gay activist community, which supposedly welcomes pedophile groups, with all gays, and by making some generalizations about gay porn (a subject on which I am admittedly no expert). Raymond admits that straight porn has its share of "teen" fetish sites, but decides that is not relevant to his need to make sweeping statements about the supposed gay predilection for young flesh.

There are multiple scandals coming out of the pedophile priest affair. One is the institutional behavior of the Church. Another is the abuse of trust and physical abuse perpetrated by the priests. And a third is the gay witch hunt being offered as a substitute for focusing on the real problems, a phenomenon to which Raymond has decided to contribute.

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No Dave

No updates since Friday from Dave. That's like saying no weather since Friday.

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Blog Evolution

Jenny knows what kind of blogger she is--she has even worked it all out by means of the Blogger Code. Maybe I'll do that, too, when I've done the next rewrite on a huge Baseline story, written my newspaper column, and caught up on a week's worth of office stuff.

Certainly I'm still figuring out my weblog. I find myself writing more personal stuff than I imagined I would, but I also love the conversation of linkage. Yesterday was the first day since I began blogging in early May that I did not post--I was just back from vacation, I didn't have a column to link to because of that, and I really had nothing to say, so I made this evolutionary step: not posting for posting's sake. 

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