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Monday, June 24, 2002

Kicking (continued)

Dave is going to kick the cigarette habit. I think blogging is going to help him do it in a couple of ways. One is as a postive addiction to occupy his mind. Another will come from the conversation and information and support he gets via blogging.

Just a guess, but Dave probably won't cope by gunning down wildlife in his backyard. Closer to home, another friend of mine also needs to give up cigarettes. I know he can quit--I've seen him do it a dozen times before. Anyway, this summer he is soaking up some of his withdrawal-induced hostility by doing a little varmint hunting on his property. Good news for his lungs is bad news for racoons and rabbits.

One of the best lines I've heard about addiction: "When you do a line of coke, you feel like a new man. The only problem is the new man wants one, too." Jackson Browne said it many years ago at a concert in Greensboro as an intro to his song "Cocaine." I don't know if the line was original to him.

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Dave's battle to quit nicotine reminds me of a conversation I had with my wife about her compulsive online chess habit. We agreed that addiction isn't loving something so much that you can't stop, it's not being able to stop even when you start to hate it. At least she got a good story out of it (abstract only at this link unless you wanna pay the Times for it).

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Grumpy Old Man

"Looking youthful means you are old enough that it is a surprise that you don't look older than you actually do." My complaints about turning forty.

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