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Monday, July 01, 2002

A Reluctant Hero

"It's strange to think of Quentin as a hero, and he is quick to say he doesn't see himself that way." My wife's cousin Quentin is a Port Authority cop with incredible memories of 9/11 and a new job at Ground Zero.

Quentin told me he was uncomfortable with the label of hero, that it went against the code of the cops and firemen and rescue workers at the Trade Center site. I respect that, but I also see it as part of the heroic attitude. Knowing someone involved in this aspect of 9/11 brings home the fact that these are not supermen, they are ordinary people rising to the demands of catastrophe. It's a reminder that courage is not the absence of fear but its mastery. That's what makes them heroes.

Local Conditions

Hot and dry outside, the drought continues. We are under water restrictions and can't wash our cars or water the grass. In my office in the old Blue Bell factory, where jeans and overalls were made back when Greensboro was a major hub of the US textile industry--back when there was a US textile industry--it is frigid per the summertime norm. Al Green on the boombox. 6,000 word final draft of a Baseline feature due to the mad genius today.

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