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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Tarheel Bloggers

A guy named John Branch calls himself the Tarheel Pundit. He is a prolific linker and thinker. Where does he get the time? My paying jobs are soaking up a lot of my writing hours and energy these days. His site has a link section for other North Carolina bloggers. I'm not on it but I'll try to close the loop.

I got the link courtesy of Doc, who lives in one beautiful place (Santa Barbara) and is visiting another (Seattle) but writes that he still sometimes misses NC. I don't blame him, although many people would not choose July as their favorite month here.

I actually like it when the days get hot and humid--if you grow up here you learn how to walk a little slower and take things a little easier when the heat and humidity climb. Even with the drought it's kind of jungly here now, and the crickets are starting to make a lot of noise at night, and it all reminds me of being a kid and walking on the hot pavement to the pool and playing outside after dinner.

Sydney the Good

At dinner last night I made a reference to black people. Syd suggested I use the term African-American. When I said that I understood either one to be OK, she said that she worried that if people heard "black" they might associate it with bad people like Darth Vader and that would not be fair to African-Americans. A world run by eight-year-old girls might be a better place.

One of my favorite innocent Sydney stories happened when she had just turned seven. I was trying to explain what the Secretary of State does, so I started out by saying that he is the person in our government who is responsible for travelling the world to make sure that all the other countries--

"--that all the other countries have what they need?," Sydney interjected.

I was actually going to say that all the other countries were doing what we wanted them to. I liked her way better.

That Didn't Take Long

Time elapsed between Elijah's return from camp and the first time Lisa told him to go back: 31 hours.

Yesterday he drove a gas-powered cart into a fence at a friend's farm. The two mothers were most concerned, but the other dad and I had a hard time keeping a straight face as we lectured our boys. Afterwards we shared stories of driving motor vehicles into solid objects. As long as nobody gets hurt, you've got to chalk some things up to being not quite eleven and peeing standing up.

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