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Tuesday, July 30, 2002


What's worse: that I'm reading the UNC basketball message board in July, that I'm actually planning to watch the game in question on ESPN Classic, or that the replay will be the highlight of my year as a Tar Heel fan?

Coble Watch

I filed my N&R column about the bad proposed corporate hacking bill. It will run on Sunday--it's an early deadline no matter what, but after blogging for a few months it's almost painful to wait so long. I feel like just posting it now, or scooping myself with the best parts....but patience is a virtue.

Bush's League

Dubya was in town last week, stumping for Liddy Dole, who will probably be North Carolina's junior senator come November. (Whatever you think of Liddy, remember she is replacing Jesse Helms.) Dubya looked out and saw that it was raining here at the dry heart of the drought, and he quipped that the rain was part of his drought relief program.

Give the prez credit for quickly picking up the dominant leadership style in Guilford County: wait for something good to fall out of the sky and then take credit for it. 

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