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Thursday, June 20, 2002

So Sue Me

I'm linking to this funny story from NPR not because it is a funny story but because the public radio people have told me not to. NPR says you need to fill out this form and get its permission before you link to its site. I hereby request that National Public Radio take me to court over my blatant defiance of it policy. Please?

Banning links is not just legally and practically unenforceable, it's counterproductive. It's not how the Web works. It is in fact precisely the kind of ham-handed behind-the-curvitude one expects to hear about on the way home from work as it is mocked gently by some knowing and mellifluous NPR commentator.

I invite NPR to a lawyer's duel here in Greensboro, in the state, federal, or local court of its choice. We could settle this issue before lunch, and then I'll take everyone to Stamey's for some barbecue.

Who Controls IT Magazines?

In a very real way, the answer is Microsoft and IBM, as Sean Gallagher explains in detail. Not editorial control, of course. Just the power of life and death.

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