Friday, August 06, 2004

Two positive reviews differ sharply on what makes the same show great. "I can't really call it well thought out or smart, but the TV show MXC is arguably the most entertaining show I've ever seen."

Slate calls the same show "something oddly artistic and genuinely resonant."

Middle schooler or LA filmmaker, there's something for everyone, and that is the mark of greatness.

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Even more Muller.

How could Malkin set herself up for such a fall? Her contempt for people who disagree with her turned into hubris: she knows she's right, and they're wrong, so the facts will obey her commands. But facts are stubborn things.

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"The poverty genes of less 'favored races', which are spread by welfare and immigration, are destroying our cities no less than if they were hit by a nuclear bomb," says James Hart, the GOP nominee for US Congress in the 8th congressional district of Tennessee and an outspoken fan of eugenics.

I'm guessing the Republican party won't be holding any fundraisers for this guy, who dislikes fundamentalist Christians, too.

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Stop the fight. Malkin has effectively thrown in the towel. Muller: "Michelle actually conceded that the thesis of her book is unsupported and unsupportable."

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Deadline. Ugh. I figured out a way to turn an eye-glazing assignment on information privacy into something pretty interesting and perhaps useful for an audience of corporate CIOs. Now I just have to write it.

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Muller begins his response to Malkin's response by calling into serious doubt the value of one of her favorite sources: "Folks, this ain't no 'archive.'"

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Hoggard went to last night's county commissioner meeting, and came back with the kind of political coverage you just don't find in the daily papers.

"Vice-chairwoman Carolyn Coleman was running the meeting due to Chairman Bob Landreth's absence - she was not up for the job.  Like a bunch of 2nd graders who sense when they are assigned a weak substitute teacher... the place fell absolutely apart under her non-existent gavel wielding."

"The whole night was very entertaining and for the most part petty and disgusting.  I don't think those are three adjectives most of the nation would use to describe a meeting of their elected leaders, but... here in Guilford County, NC we don't just like it... we vote for it."

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Malkin replies at length but in no great depth to Muller, who concludes his stay at Volokh with several more posts.

I suppose if you read only her response that it might sound convincing, and in a sound-bite he said/she said environment (I'm picturing a Fox News logo in the background) she could come off as holding her own. But if you read the posts side by side, the damage inflicted on her argument is overwhelming. Her procrustean logic (as guest-scholar Robinson calls it at Volokh) does not measure up to the serious subjects she addresses.

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