Thursday, August 19, 2004

"Dear Ivy"....Ivan Cutler uses his furniture industry blog to dispense advice to those in need.

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Here is an idea for the conference agenda.


Arrive, meet and greet.


Welcome from Hoggard and me. Maybe Hoggard will sing something.


The campaign weblog comes of age. A roomwide discussion, with a panel up front to share specific knowledge. Panelists: Matt Gross, Ruby Sinreich, Jeff Thigpen, David Hoggard




We are all bloggers now.

A roomwide discussion of blogs and media, blogs and local communities, blogs and.... My idea is that I would facilitate it as Jeff Jarvis ran his Sunday morning gig at the orignal BloggerCon: work the room, solicit and elicit and facilitate participation from all with something to say...

All times are approximate. We have the room for as long as we want, but people are going to get hungry after a while.

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A North Carolina man is suing a gay sports website for posting a picture of him warming up for a marathon. Chris Harbinson says he isn't gay, and that posting his pic caused him “extreme embarrassment, public humiliation, mental agony and damage to his name and reputation.” 

The Outsports website does not seem to have said or implied that Harbinson is gay when it posted his photograph along with many, many others in a gallery of beefcake shots, who are not said or implied to be gay, either. (via Sports Designer)

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A Carolina hoops mailing list I'm on is buzzing that there is no Blue-White game on this year's schedule...

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New location for blog conference: Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro.

Directions, map.

Corner of Spring Garden and Tate, at UNC Greensboro. Free parking in back.

Headcount is now at 32, which is too many for my conference room. The Dillard room at the museum comforably holds 40+. If we get much bigger than that, we can use the museum auditorium, although it would be very helpful to make that switch sooner rather than later. Or we could just put it in the auditorium now.

Advantages of Dillard room: may encourage participation by putting people at long tables; auditorium has theater style seats, may foster more traditional audience v. speaker dynamic. On the other hand, in the auditorium we can put a table up front for our discussion leaders and panels, and it is a big comfortable space. What do people think?

The conference is still free and open to all interested participants (at least til we fill the auditorium...)

I have not heard anything from people at the N&R (except bloggers Lex and Mark) or the Rhino or Peacemaker, but of course all are welcome. We've got people coming to GSO from Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Charlotte...bloggers and not-yet-bloggers...politicians and campaigners and voters...writers and readers.

Please RSVP in the comments or to so we can continue to update our list and plan for facilities.

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School board candidate Bill Davidson must think his confrontational tone makes him sound like a real no-nonsense type over at Hoggard's blog. I think he sounds hostile and unprepared to answer direct questions.

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Mr. Sun has entirely too much time on his hands as he awaits the blog conference. Anyway, I'm thinking about a nicer room. And all your blogs are belong to all of us.

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Muller v. Malkin goes local: the debate moves to the Brad Krantz program on FM talk 101.1, 9 AM, Thursday 8/26.

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