Monday, August 09, 2004

The Coble campaign website seems to have abandoned its attempts to raise $3,000 online by tonight after falling $2,800 short of the goal.

What happened? Why was Erskine Bowles able to raise 125 times the amount Coble got online in a similar amount of time, while Coble's effort went nowhere?

As mentioned before, Bowles is in a more competitive race for a job that represents the whole state. But I think another critical factor is a dynamic campaign involving a blog and email, verus the static Coble page that went unupdated for 48 hours before yanking the fundraising notice altogether. Also, Bowles let his web campaign develop for a few weeks before trying a mini-campaign, while Coble's crew tried it right out of the box, probably before any real community could form online.

And again, at least Coble is trying. His putative challenger, Will Jordan, does not even have a website yet.

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Mr. Sun reports on being a middle-aged dad at an Usher concert. "I am the King of the Niche Dwellers, and I had forgotten how fun it is to connect to the Biggest Thing on the Planet at its peak."

He says he "rose above his inbred dorkitude and made body and hand movements approximating getting his freak on."

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Dear Fox News and MSNBC,

Please be fair, and balance Michelle Malkin's appearances on your networks this evening with some credible questioners of her defense of internment. Eric Muller or Greg Robinson would be good candidates for the job.



Everyone who wants reasonable security measures against terrorism but doesn't think rewriting history to rationalize a huge injustice is a good way to go about it.

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What's funnier, Josh Marshall's take on domestic arguments at the Alan Keyes home...or Dennis Hastert's shoulder-shrug at the Keyes candidacy?

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$10 million more in state funding for the UNCG/A&T research park. Excellent.

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The Erskine Bowles campaign announces that it raised over $25,000 from 261 donors in a blog-and-email-driven effort. It took four days, including a weekend, in the dog days of August. Incremental cost to the campaign to run the mini-fundraiser: approximately $0.

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