Friday, August 27, 2004

Yes, you can still come if you haven't registered yet.

RSVP to me via email by 7:45 tomorrow. And just come anyway if you don't register.

We have 55 people who say they are coming. The room can fit twice that many.

But we would like to plan for snacks.

UPDATE: Todd Monkeytime Morman is coming. He's riding from Raleigh with John Hood. Let's have a special session to find out what that conversation is like.

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A schedule for tomorrow's conference.
9:00 - 9:20    Enter, meet and greet.
9:20-9:30      Welcome and Intro
9::30-10:40   Politics, campaigns, advocacy, and governance


10:50-12:00  Journalism and personal media


12:10 - 1:00  Blogs as culture and community *

end of planned program


We have the room all day. Anyone who wants to reconvene after lunch for conversation, tutorials, etc. may do so. Hoggard and I will be available all afternoon.

* This session was inspired by the fact we are meeting in art museum, and that made me think about blogs not just reflectlng local culture, but being part of it, and helping restore local and regional conversations in an era of commoditized, national culture. These blogs also informed that thought process.

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This is the front entrance of the museum, on Spring Garden Street. You will be parking behind the building, off of Tate St., and entering through the courtyard.


Then you will walk through this lovely atrium, pausing to check out the great Tom Otterness frieze that runs around the room.

Then the fun starts.

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Blogs breed blogs. And they are breeding like rabbits at a certain large daily newspaper on Market Street. (via bunny Binker)

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Ivan Cutler is ranting about furniture pricing. Trade journalism does not need to be boring, and Ivan's weblog is proof.

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"The longer we talked...the more in love he seemed to be with the local pleasures of bloggery...Local blogs 'are one of the next big things.'" That's Chris Lydon, from a piece he wrote last summer as part of an interview series on bloggers.

The local focus is a big part of the equation we'll be working out tomorrow.Here's another element, from the same article:

"(H)is joy is in the blog.  It's only the blog that makes his wife a little jealous.  'You have to follow your passion on this...You spend time on stuff you love, and good things happen."

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