Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee weblog links to five official candiate blogs. Every one of 435 House seats is up in November. They aren't all competitive races by a long shot, but, still, where are the other 430 blogs?

But that's still five more House candidate blogs than are linked from the GOP's NRCC, which maintains a "blino" -- blog in name only, really not very bloglike at all.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee weblog links to eight official candidate blogs, with 34 Senate seats up in November.

Why are Senate campaigns so far ahead, with more blogs in absolute terms than Congressional races, and way more in relative terms? Is it because they have the money and staff?

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Local political blogging in Greensboro has moved into the mainstream, and will have an impact on the November elections.

While bloggers in Boston were feeling their way toward a new role in politics -- I've been saying all along that  the value of that experience will show up in the weeks and months ahead, it didn't end with the convention -- the local scene is cooking.

Hoggard: "Attention candidates and elected officials. This is what we, here in the blogosphere, call a conversation.  Pay attention. Join in. Start a blog." He started his blog a year ago to support a run for City Council. It was too late in the game to make a big difference -- but he's stayed with it, and now he's a playa...

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Across the muddy Yadkin and the Continental Divide to retrieve Sydney from camp, home in time for lunch.

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