Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hoggard has a run-down on some school board candidates, and on some local candidate websites.

The N&R is apparently preparing a feature story on the blog-wielding community activist and erstwhile candidate for City Council, a true pioneer when it comes to using a weblog in local politics.

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The N&R reports that Bob Edwards will be in Winston-Salem this week to pimp his book on Edward R. Murrow. "The Twin City stop won’t be Edwards’ first visit to the Triad," says the local paper of record. "Edwards dropped by Greensboro to do research for his book."

No mention of the fact that Edwards was in Greensboro last month to give the same talk, at which time it was announced that WUNC would be putting a full-time reporter in the Triad, which I'm not sure the paper has reported yet, either.

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Serge Schmemann says in the Times that Paul Klebnikov's murder is part of a disturbing series: "It's tough to continue pretending that Russia is just in transition, struggling to emerge from Communism's rubble. Twenty journalists have now been assassinated in Russia for their work; 14 since Mr. Putin became president. Not one of the murders has been solved."

Romenesko has a roundup of coverage of Paul's case.

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A story told by an officer with the Port Authority police at Newark airport: a Federal agent checks in with a handgun. He has the appropriate paperwork for the weapon, no problem. His nail clippers, though -- he can't bring them on board. Policy. He doesn't have paperwork for those...

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Elizabeth Edwards drops by the blog to leave a quick comment -- and pledges to bring a laptop on the campaign trail so she can stay connected from the road. "This week has been incredible," she writes. "The energy seems like October levels, not early July levels. I feel a change a-comin'."

Roger Simon of U.S. News & World Report says (via Romenesko) that John and Elizabeth Edwards are experts at working the press. "John Edwards has worked very hard to make the press love him for more than a year. I mean, he has taken reporters to lunch. There have been dinners at his house. His wife, who is a very smart and capable campaigner in her own right, has also worked the press very hard."

Seems like good strategy to me. And with blogs, it cuts both ways; it's a conversation, not a lecture. So if you have questions for the Senator and Elizabeth Edwards, post them here as comments, or send me an email, and we'll see if the conversation continues...

Update: Stephen Dulaney is right -- the Kerry/Edwards campaign should equip Elizabeth (and her husband, too) with a good portable computer.

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