Sunday, July 04, 2004

My column on Fahrenheit 9/11 ran in this morning's News & Record. It's built on the Spinal Tap analogy I blogged last week (waiting for print in the weblog era is excruciating).

"They hope to discredit this 'documentary' by enumerating its slippery versions of reality, but the joke is on them. Moore is an impressionist, not a portrait artist. 'Was it all a just dream?,' he asks at the beginning of the movie, and then he shows us a feverish imagining of a world very much like our own."

Read the whole thing.

My editor asked me if I would see the movie and write about it, while another, more conservative columnist did the same. I said sure, as long as I was not obligated to defend the film -- as long as she could live with two negative reviews if mine came back that way...She was fine with that, and in the event it turned out to be a non-issue.

If the N&R gets around to posting the other piece by Giles Lambertson, I'll link to it, too.

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