Monday, July 26, 2004

Mathew Gross on Erskine Bowles and the momentum of the Bowles campaign online: “The candidate himself is just gangbusters on blogging.”

He was talking to Dave Winer at the Democratic convention -- their conversation starts about halfway through Dave's morning audio notes.

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Stuffwriter: "Sure we had to rough it all the time and put up with the annoying fat kid, but hey, we're in boy scouts and it's what we signed up for."

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Money keeps flowing into downtown Greensboro.

The BizJournal reports that the City has secured a $3 million loan from the Feds as part of its $6.5 million redevelopment project at the intersection of South Elm and Lee.

"This is going to be a very public project," said housing and community development director Andy Scott, and he's not just talking about the fact I'll be watching it out my office window. A citizen's advisory committee is supposed to start meeting next month to help determine what kind of development is best for the site. Scott: "We want this to be a strongly citizen-driven process."

In some ways, it already is, since citizen Roch Smith Jr. first identified the federal funding that kick-started the project.

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John Edwards has cancelled today's appearance at A&T. Man, I had me a press pass, too.

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Bruce Caldwell's book on Friedrich Hayek continues to get rave reviews, including one in yesterday's N&R by Wake Forest prof Dan Hammond (not posted). The N&R also reprinted an earlier article on Hayek by Virginia Postrel from the Boston Globe in which Bruce figures prominently. 

So Sunday was probably an improvement over Friday night, when the UNCG professor seemed to be on the road to serfdom himself, losing all his chips at a friendly poker game and enduring some abuse from the other players -- well, me -- about his flowery aloha shirt.

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