Thursday, July 29, 2004

Guilford County commissioner Mike Barber has enlisted David Hoggard and his popular local weblog to bring some Internet savvy to his a high-profile campaign against GOP rising star Mike Winstead.

Hoggard: "The former Chairman of the Board is in a position to blaze some new territory in Guilford County online politics...I will push him to be as forthcoming as possible because that is what voters want and need."

Hoggard says Barber told him, "I want what you've got. Everyone knows HoggsBlog - I want you to help me do the same for my campaign."

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News & Record sports blog. Great idea, off to a good start.

Sports reporters pick up more stuff of interest to serious fans than they ever could put in print. A reporters' blog should be great, this is a good staff with some beats that generate intense interest. NASCAR and ACC hoops blogs in season could be big traffic generators and ad magnets.

To quote a young blogger I know, woohoo!

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Mickey Kaus understands about John Edwards' "two Americas" what Jeff Jarvis seems not to: Edwards is not saying one America is bad and the other good, he's saying one America has it good and all Americans should. Big difference.

It reminds me of an old joke: An American (capitalist) sees someone driving a Mercedes and says, Some day I'd like to have a Mercedes; A Frenchman (or some variety of socialist) sees someone driving a Mercedes and says, I don't want that guy to have a Mercedes.

Edwards is talking more like the first guy.

(Still no permalinks at Kausfiles...maybe if Slate gets sold to a technology company...)

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Let a thousand parodies bloom...

Bush campaign blog: "Introducing Barbara and Jenna's Journal."

"Hi there. As you probably know we have decided to start campaigning for our Dad. As we travel across America, we’ll keep you updated on our trips through the blog. Last week was our first trip alone on the campaign trail, with stops in Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Jenna got so wasted that Barbara had to hold her hair for her while she puked!"

OK, I made up the last part. But the rest is all too real.

You can check for updates here.

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We stayed up to watch John Edwards speak. Homeboy done good. His evocation of 9/11 was moving, his statement of purpose in the pursuit of terrorists convincing, and his appeal to a hopeful future for all Americans refreshing. He made Kerry sound like a badass, too.

Am I biased in my Senator's favor? Hell, yes, but I'm also a worrier who tries to anticipate criticism of stuff I'm praising, and I'm guessing he pushed a lot of the right buttons across America last night.

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